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Shisha Charcoal Dryer

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Shisha Charcoal Dryer

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Product description:The formed shisha charcoal can use our shisha charcoal dryer to dry excess water in order to store better and burn more thoroughly.

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Shisha Charcoal Dryer

Shisha Charcoal Dryer
Shisha is a kind of cigarette-like product, they can be processed into shisha charcoal by carbonizing and crushing raw materials such as fruit wood, the formed shisha charcoal can use our shisha charcoal dryer to dry excess water in order to store better and burn more thoroughly.


Working principle

Working princple of shisha charcoal dryer
our shisha charcoal dryer belongs to air energy heat pump dryer machine, when working, machines used inverse Carnot working principle, compressed air of compressor driven by electric energy can provide high temperature drying condition for drying room, PLC intelligent panel can adjust the drying room temperature, humidity and materials required for drying time. 

Structure diagram

Structure diagram and parameter of shisha charcoal dryer
Our shisha charcoal dryer can be customized according to the needs of customers, customers can choose the right drying room according to their actual situation.
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Machines features

Machines features of shisha charcoal dryer
1.High drying efficiency
2.Fully automatic, low energy consumption
3.Safety and hygiene
4.Environmental protection, health and pollution-free

Customers site

Customers site of shisha charcoal dryer

Installing site

Installing site of shisha charcoal dryer


Product line

Product line of shisha charcoal dryer
Material needs to be added adhesives after carbonization crushing, stirred evenly in the wheel mill and then transferred to the moulding machine for compaction and moulding. After compaction and moulding, the barbecued charcoal needs to be dried by our charcoal briquette dryer. After drying the excess moisture, it can be stored for a long time and burned more thoroughly.

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