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Shisha charcoal dryers make your hookah charcoal more durable and flame resistant

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Hookah is one of the most popular foods in the Arab and European regions. It originated in ancient India and later became popular in Arab countries. In the streets of this country, people can see the scene of people smoking shisha, just like Chinese cigarettes are the same. Then the hookah has also flowed into some countries such as Europe, and some girls even think that smoking hookah is a fashion. Therefore, many manufacturers will vigorously produce soot carbon, and the drying of the produced water soot is also a top priority.
shisha charcoal dryers
shisha charcoal dryers
Many manufacturers choose to use shisha charcoal dryer for drying. Because the machine uses clean energy and runs in a sealed box design, the hookah charcoal does not receive direct sunlight, thus reducing the occurrence of cracks in the hookah charcoal. To ensure the quality integrity of the hookah charcoal. Furthermore, most of the current national policies support green production and protect the environment. Our machines do not have any auxiliary fuel during operation, so they do not produce any environmentally harmful gases.
shisha charcoal dryers

Our machine adopts intelligent control system. You only need to put the formed hookah into the drying room, set the required temperature and humidity on the PLC control panel outside the machine, and the machine will dry it yourself. You always pay attention to changes in the weather and other external factors, bringing more convenience to your production. If you need shisha charcoal dryers welcome message, our staff will reply you in the first time, and according to your basic situation, design the machine that suits you, and will also install it for you, let your machine Put it into use for a short time. 

shisha charcoal dryers

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