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Biomass charcoal briquetting machine brings you a clean and healthy production environment

Post Time:2019 / 04 / 25 15:42:53Author:Lantian Machinery
Coal is one of the energy sources we use in our daily lives. Our daily life and industrial development cannot leave the use of coal. With the gradual increase in the use of coal, we are also facing severe environmental pollution and resource shortages. The state has also introduced a series of policies to improve this aspect. We don't need coconut shells, olives and other materials. We use biomass charcoal briquette machine to make fire-resistant and environmentally friendly charcoal for people to use.
biomass charcoal briquetting machine
biomass charcoal briquetting machine
Our biomass charcoal briquetting machine will not generate dust and noise pollution during operation, which will reduce the harm of dust work to your health and bring you a clean and healthy production environment. Our machines are available in a variety of sizes and production models to suit your needs. You can also design your own logo according to your preferences. Many customers come to our factory to visit and inspect our machines. And the results of the trial production are very satisfactory.
biomass charcoal briquetting machine

The raw materials used in the production of charcoal by our biomass charcoal briquette machine are crop wastes and branches of a series of processes such as carbonization, which are produced by machine pressing. The charcoal produced is comparable in strength to coal and burns. No smoke is produced. This not only avoids the environmental pollution caused by improper garbage disposal, but also applies limited resources reasonably. If you need biomass charcoal briquette machine to leave a message to us, our staff will reply you in the first time. 

biomass charcoal briquetting machine

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