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Bamboo Carbonization Furnace

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Bamboo Carbonization Furnace

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Product description:The bamboo carbonization furnace produced by Lantian Machinery can carbonize branches, bamboo and wood blocks into charcoal, which is an environmental...

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Bamboo Carbonization Furnace

Bamboo Carbonization Furnace
The bamboo carbonization furnace produced by Lantian Machinery can carbonize branches, bamboo and wood blocks into charcoal, which is an environmentally friendly and smokeless carbonization furnace equipment. The machine consists of an inside furnace, outside furnace,  heating place and end gas burner, it can greatly shorten the cooling time, and make full use of the waste gas generated in the carbonization process, and use it as fuel after purification, which can save a lot of fuel and time. The machine has excellent performance, environmental protection and energy saving, and is very popular and loved.

Working principle

Bamboo Carbonization Furnace
Before carbonizing, it is necessary to preheat the inner furnace in the heating chamber until the high temperature and heat generated can be carbonized, and the smoke and dust released during combustion can be reused after being purified by the purification system.

Parameter and details

Parameter and details of horizontal airflow carbonization furnace
1. Preheating furnace using high-quality firebrick can provide better conditions for carbonization.
2. Waste gas purification system, no air pollution.
3. The clean gas will be recovered and recycled into the combustion chamber at the bottom of the furnace.

Drying effect display

Finished products of horizontal airflow carbonization furnace
 Please click here to watch video about bamboo carbonization furnace

Customers site

Customers site of horizontal airflow carbonization furnace

Product line

Product line of horizontal airflow carbonization furnace
Wood and other raw materials are crushed by our wood crusher and then dried by our sawdust dryer according to the actual situation, the dried materials can be extruded in our rod making machine to form rods, after making rods, they can also be carbonized in our horizontal airflow carbonization furnace, and they have good carbonization effect, and also energy saving and environmental protection, which are very popular and loved by customers from many countries.

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