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Sand Dryer

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Sand Dryer

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Product description:Sand dryer and silica sand dryer belongs to rotary dryer, which is one of the traditional drying equipment, and the kaolin dryer is more energy-saving...

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Sand Dryer

Sand Dryer
Lantian Brand sand dryer and silica sand dryer belongs to rotary dryer, and machine is mainly suitable for drying slime, lignite, sand and other non-dirty granular materials. After drying excess moisture, the material can be better combined with adhesives, and then better moulding. Lantian kaolin dryer has large processing capacity and is widely used in building materials, chemical industry and other fields, and we can according to customers to design different models.

Working principle

Working principle of silica sand dryer
When the sand dryer and clay rotary dryer, when they is installing, it is placed as a cylinder which is slightly inclined to the horizontal direction. The material is added from the higher, and the dried product is collected from the lower. Before drying, heat energy is provided for the dryer in the hot air furnace, high temperature hot flue gas and material flow into the cylinder side by side. With the rotation of the rotary machine, the material moves to the lower end due to gravity, many sheets is installed on the inner wall of the rotary machine, and the materials are roll back and forth, which enlarges the contact surface between the material and the air flow, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material forward.


Parameter of silica sand dryer

Machines features or details

Details and features of silica sand dryer
1. It is easy to make the material fully exposed to hot air in drying process.
2. The silica sand dryer is operated by a transmission, which includes motor, speed and driving gear box.
3. Gas cleaning system with fan and wet dust filter
4. Fire-proof material is used when burning, and fire can be avoided from entering the dryer.

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Drying effect display

Drying effect of silica sand dryer

Customers site

Customers site of silica sand dryer

Product line

Product line of silica sand dryer
Our silica sand dryer can dry chemical raw materials such as sand, slime, charcoal, etc. after being crushed by a crusher machine, it also needs to be dried, material is transferred from the inlet port to the drum interior, material is rolled inside the sand dryer, raised by the sheet, and fully contacted with the hot air to achieve efficient drying effect, dryed materials can be better combined with adhesives and better compacted.

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