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Bagasse Dryer

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Bagasse Dryer

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Product description:The indirect rotary dryer is different from the direct drying of the rotary dryer,our biomass rotary dryer and bagasse dryer is a kind of drying produ...

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Bagasse Dryer

Bagasse Dryer

The indirect rotary dryer is different from the direct drying of the rotary dryer. The material of the indirect dryer does not contact with the heat source to avoid the burning and ignition of the material, so they suitable for drying sawdust, bagasse and other biomass flammable objects.

Working principle

 Bagasse Dryer
Our biomass rotary dryer and bagasse dryer is a kind of drying product that indirectly heats materials, the hot air enters and heats the duct under the traction of the induced air, the heat pipe transfers the heat to the material, because the material and the hot duct can fully contact, the drying effect is better than that of the ordinary box dryer.


 Parameter of indirect rotary dryer

Machines features and details

 Features and details of indirect rotary dryer
1. Our bagasse dryer has the characteristics of large drying output, remarkable energy-saving effect and low maintenance.
2. Water vapor generated during drying can be removed from the dehumidifier at the top of the dryer to avoid re-contact between material and water vapor.
3. The overall thermal insulation efficiency of sawdust dryer is as high as 70%, and the thermal efficiency is increased by 35%.

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Drying effect display

 Drying effect of biomass rotary dryer

Customers site

 Customers site of bagasse rotary dryer

Product line

 Product line of bagasse rotary dryer
Our indirect rotary dryer is suitable for drying materials which have been crushed by our crusher. It has a slightly higher moisture content and rolls inside the biomass rotary dryer. It has a large output and good effect, and quality of the materials after drying is excellent, which are convenient for subsequent pressing or extruding into biomass particles.

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