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Tablet Crusher

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Tablet Crusher

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Product description:In the development of buildings and urban construction, there will be many waste formwork and wood board, and our tablet crusher can crushing them and...

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Tablet Crusher

Tablet Crusher

In the development of buildings and urban construction, there will be many waste formwork and wood board. These industrial waste products can be crushed by our tablet crusher. After the waste formwork is broken, it can be applied to the combustion raw materials of biomass power plants. The raw materials are wide and the output is high, which is very popular and loved by customers.


Working principle

Tablet Crusher 
When the wood pallet crusher is working, the machine adopts automatic feeding device, the raw materials are transferred to the inside of the crusher, and then crushed by rollers device. Then the materials are transferred to the iron removing device by the belt conveying device and goes out on the wooden board. 

Finished products display

 Finished products display of tablet crusher

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Machines features

1.Wood pallet crusher can apply for many raw materials, such as waste building formwork, wooden pallets, containers, crates, etc. and high output
2.The screen is made of 14mm thick screen, and the screen hole can only process the aperture of 22mm.
3.The wood chip crusher is compact and easy to install.
4.Large output and saving power.

Customers site

Customers site of tablet crusher


Production lines

 Production lines of tablet crusher
Our wood chip crusher breaks up the nailed waste wood and effectively removes nails and other materials from the board. The broken wood board can be further crushed by our wood sawdust crusher, and the smashed wood chips can be configured according to different needs of customers. The sawdust can be made into a wooden stick by our rod making machine, or the sawdust can be carbonized, making materials into charcoal powder, and the charcoal powder can be transferred to a briquette machine for shaping. Lantian brand production equipments are environmentally friendly and healthy, easy to operate, and can effectively utilize resources.

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