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Coal Briquette Making Machine

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Coal Briquette Making Machine

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Product description:After briquetting by our coal briquette making machine, the compacted briquette is environmentally friendly and smokeless, combustion effect is good

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Coal Briquette Making Machine

Coal Briquette Making Machine 

Coal is a kind of limited resources, they can used as raw material for industrial boilers, and the coal powder can be compacted by our coal briquette making machine, the compacted briquette is environmentally friendly, and have better combustion effect , our coal briquette machine is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and machines can replace mould to form different shape, it is very popular and loved by customers.customers.

Working Principle

Briquette Press Machine
Our coal briquetting machine is composed of main engine, PLC intelligent control system, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, customized mould and output conveyor. When coal briquette press machine pressing, our machines used proximity sensor switch, the height of the mould can be adjusted, and also can adjust the pressure according to different raw materials.

Parameter of coal powder briquette machine 

Parameter of briquette press machine


Machines details and advantages

Machines details and advantages
1. PLC intelligent control system can adjust pressure and stamping time, pressure can reach 100-200 tons.
2. Hydraulic pump base is made of high quality rubber material with good shock absorption effect.
3. By approaching the sensor and switch, the position of the top die and the base die can be adjusted, so as to determine the material input, material height, weight and density.
4. The mold materials are made of 65 # manganese steel, and they can be changed.

Pressing effect display

Finished of coal powder briquette machine
Please click here to watch video about coal briquette making machine

Customers site

Customers site of coal briquette press machine

Product line

Product line of coal briquette making machine

First of all, coal brick will be crushed to coal powder, and then the coal powder are in the binder mixer for better moulding of materials. Next step, coal powder are transferred to the coal powder making machine for briquette, if the finished products need drying, there have kinds of Lantian brand dryer machine, the material after forming and drying can be used in domestic or industrial boilers.

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