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Wood Pellet Machine

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Wood Pellet Machine

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Product description:Our wood pellet machine, biomass pellet machine and sawdust pellet machine are have good quality and reasonable price,which can reprocess the waste ma...

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Wood Pellet Machine

Wood Pellet Machine
In the process of food processing or industrial production, there will be a lot of recyclable materials, such as wood, sawdust, straw, rice husk, leaves and other biological wastes. In order to make the limited materials recyclable, our Lantian technical team produced biomass pellet machine, which can reprocess the waste materials, can process the materials into the required particles. Our wood pellet machine is very popular and appreciated for its simple operation and reasonable price.

Working principle

Wood Pellet Machine
When the power supply is connected, the motor of the wood pellet making machine drives the pulley inside the machine through the drive of the reducer, transfers the power to the rotating shaft. The gear moves synchronously with the rotating shaft, and extrudes the biomass such as sawdust and rice husk in the machine with the driven shaft, so as to achieve the effect of granulation.

Parameter of wood pellet machine

Parameter of wood pellet machine

Machines features or details

Details of biomass pellet machine
1.The screen of biomass pellet machine is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it can adjust and tighten properly. It is convenient to disassemble and easy to clean.
2.Wide applicable of raw materials, a variety of biomass containing lignin
3.The wood pellet making machine is made of high-quality steel material with excellent performance and low wear rate.

Finished products display

Finished products of biomass pellet machine
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Burning effect and packaging

Burning effect of biomass pellet machinePackaging of biomass pellet machine

Customers site

Customers site of biomass pellet machine

Product line

Production process of biomass pellet machine
Our biomass pellet machine can solidify a variety of raw materials containing lignin into high-density granular fuel. Before pressing, it is necessary to crush raw materials with a crusher. After crushing, the moisture content of raw materials is higher than 15%, they are necessary to use our indirect rotary dryer to drying them. If the moisture content of crushed materials is not high, they can be directly pressed. The finished products also be used as feed according to different materials. The wood pellet machine is easy to operate and has a large output, and widely praised in many countries.

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