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Tailings Briquetting Machine

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Tailings Briquetting Machine

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Product description:Tailings are the residues of solid fuel after washing and processing. The tailings briquetting machine press the material into specific shape carbon f...

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Tailings Briquetting Machine

  1. Tailings Briquetting Machine

凤凰彩票官网Tailings are the residues of solid fuel after washing and processing。 The tailings briquetting machine developed by Lantian technical team press the material into specific shape carbon for subsequent processing or use as warming charcoal。


Machines description

Tailings Briquetting Machine
Our tailings briquetting machine consists main engine, mould, press machine and output conveyor. When working, Material after pretreatment will transferred to the briquette machine, it uses Pascal's principle to press and shape materials, mould can be replaced according to customers needs.

Machines details and advantages

Details of tailings briquetting machine
1.Machines small in size and have small floor space.
2.Mould materials are adopted 65 # manganese steel, and mould shape can be changed according customers needs.
3.Machines have reasonable price.

Pressure effect display

 Finished products of tailings briquetting machine

Customers site

 Customers site of tailings briquetting machine

Product line

Product line of tailings briquetting machine
Before tailings briquetting, they will crush by coal crusher machine, and then they will transfer to binder mixer to add adhesives and combustion aids for better briquetting and burning, and next step, materials will transfer to tailings briquetting machine, briquetted tailings can use dryer machine to drying excess moisture, the finished products can be used in domestic or industrial boilers.

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