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Peanut Shell Carbonization Furnace

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Peanut Shell Carbonization Furnace

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Product description:The peanut shell carbonization furnace designed and developed by Lantian technical team adopts advanced smokeless and environmentally friendly carboni...

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Peanut Shell Carbonization Furnace

Continuous Carbonization Furnace

The peanut shell carbonization furnace designed and developed by Lantian technical team adopts advanced smokeless and environmentally friendly carbonization process, it is a new type of fast carbonization equipment with high efficiency and energy saving。 Our charcoal carbonization furnace used to carbonize small lignin-containing raw materials such as sawdust, bagasse, peanut shell, palm shell and coconut shell。


Detailed description

Continuous Carbonization Furnace
Our rotary carbonization furnace can carbonize many kinds of materials, such as bagasse coconut shell and other biomass containing lignin. The carbonized materials can be processed and pressed into high-quality barbecue charcoal. The machine has good thermal insulation effect, good carbonization effect and high output performance, which has been appreciated by many customers in many countries.


 Parameters of continuous rotary carbonization furnace

Carbonized effect display

 Finished products of continuous rotary carbonization furnace
 Please click here to watch video about continuous carbonization furnace

Machine features and details

 Details of continuous rotary carbonization furnace
1.PLC control system can operate the machine, and it shows us the rotating speed of the carbonizing drum and the inside temperature
2.There are 100mm thickness insulating cotton between insulation shell and carbonizing drum, greatly increase the heating performance and guarantee the quality of charcoal.
3.Adopted adjustable speed motor to control the rotating speed of carbonizing drum and carbonizing time, ensure the material can be completely carbonized.
4.There are totally 16-20 gas burner on each bottom side of the furnace, so that the carbonizing drum can be evenly heated.
5.Gas pressure controller can measure the amount of natural gas.
6.Exhaust gas cleansing system, without air pollution.
7.The cleaned gas will be recycled and go to the fire place which on the bottom of the carbonizing drum. 

Customers site

Customers Site of continuous rotary carbonization furnace

Carbonization process

We need to perheat the rotary drum of the rotary carbonization furnace for 1 hour by gas or gas generator, until the inside material produce enough flammable gas, materials in the drum with poor oxygen and high temperature will be carbonized and become charcoal, and the released smoke gas and volatile will go through a dedusting and purification system, after cleaning and cooling, the gas will be recycled by the heating system, after carbonizing, the charcoal will go through two sets of cooling conveyors, and come out with common temperature.

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