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Lignite Briquetting Machine

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Lignite Briquetting Machine

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Product description:Lignite is a kind of lusterless low-grade coal between peat and bituminous coal, but lignite has become the main coal used in our country,they can pr...

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Lignite Briquetting Machine

Lignite Briquetting Machine

Lignite is a kind of lusterless low-grade coal between peat and bituminous coal, but lignite has become the main coal used in our country. After using the lignite briquetting machine produced and developed by Lantian technical team, it is widely used in industry.


Machines description

Lignite Briquetting Machine
Our lignite briquetting machine are have high quality and stable performance,  which can briquette lignite into different shape, and can widely used in industry, machines mainly consists of main engine, PLC intelligent control system, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, customized mould and output conveyor, which are easy to operation and maintain.


 Parameter of lignite briquetting machine

Machines details and advantages

Details of lignite briquetting machine
1.By approaching the sensor and switch, the position of the top die and the base die can be adjusted, so as to determine the material input, material height, weight and density.
2.Hydraulic pump base is made of high quality rubber material with good shock absorption effect.
3.PLC intelligent control system can adjust pressure and stamping time, pressure can reach 100-200 tons
4.The mold materials are made of 65 # manganese steel, and they can be changed.

Pressure effect display

 Finished products of lignite briquetting machine

Burning effect

 Burning effect of lignite briquetting machine

Customers site

 Customers site of lignite briquetting machine

Product line

Product line of lignite briquetting machine
We have series of machine can process lignite to make full use of it, before briquetting, they need crush by lignite crusher machine, after crushing, materials transfer to binder mixer to add adhesives and combustion aids for better briquetting and burning, after briquetted, our dryer machine can drying them with high efficiency, the finished products are widely used in industrial boilers, or to make a fire for heating etc.

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