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BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

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BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

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Product description:Our Lantian team can produce high-quality barbecue charcoal by BBQ charcoal making machine with good combustion effect and smoke-free environmental pr...

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BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

Horizontal Airflow Carbonization Furnace

Barbecue is one of the most popular dietary patterns in people's daily life. When barbecuing, we need to burn environmentally friendly and healthy barbecue charcoal. Our Lantian team can produce high-quality barbecue charcoal by BBQ charcoal making machine with good combustion effect and smoke-free environmental protection. The reasonable price and excellent performance of the BBQ charcoal briquette machine have been welcomed and loved by many customers.


Product description

BBQ Charcoal Making Machine
When our BBQ charcoal press machine is working, after opening the switch, used proximity sensor switch, the height of the mould can be adjusted. The charcoal briquettes BBQ machine  mainly consists of main engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, sensor, PLC intelligent control system, mould and other parts. The machine is environmentally friendly, healthy, very popular and loved.

Parameter of bbq charcoal making machine

Parameter of BBQ Charcoal Making Machine


Pressure effect display

Pressure Effect Display

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Machines details and advantages

Machines Details And Advantages

1. The pressure of the machine can reach 100-200t, and the pressure can be adjusted by intelligent control system.

2. By approaching the sensor and switch, the position of the top die and the base die can be adjusted, so as to determine the material input, material height, weight and density.

3. The mold materials are made of 65# manganese steel, and mold can be changed, hydraulic pump base is made of high quality rubber material with good shock absorption effect.


Burning effect

Burning Effect of BBQ Charcoal Briquett Machine

Customers site

Customers site of BBQ Charcoal Briquett Machine

Processing line

Product Line of BBQ Charcoal Briquett Machine

Our barbecue charcoal needs to come through a series of processing steps before it is formed. If the raw material is coconut shell or palm shell, we need to use our drum carbonization furnace for carbonization. And after, materials need to crush, and the carbon powder is stirred in the binder mixing barrel and further stirred in the wheel mill, the material after mixing is transferred by the conveyor belt to our BBQ charcoal making machine for compaction and moulding, the moulding effect and combustion effect is good. 

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